Badly Drawn Boy webchat: your questions answered on Springsteen, About a Boy and writing in his sleep

mrstein asks:

Do you still have Born in the USA as your ringtone? Do you like any of Bruce Springsteen’s more recent material?

To which carbonblacktest adds:

If anyone can watch Pay Me My Money Down in New Orleans and not love Bruce Springsteen by the end, then there is no hope for them. Joyous from start to finish.

hammockmagi asks:

What did you set out to achieve with the new album that you felt you hadn’t achieved with previous albums?

stuckinazoo asks:

You often used various aquatic imagery in your lyrics, as well as sound effects early on. Was this rooted to particular places on our waterways – eg holidays you took – that are important to you?

gary19852 asks:

Whenever I try to write music, I have a voice that says, “This is a rubbish.” Do you ever suffer from self-consciousness when writing music and any tips to deal with it?

DWFan1 asks:

What’s your favourite Pixar film?

1stinvincibles asks:

Do you still have Mark E Smith’s false teeth?

Read the final interview Mark E Smith gave, in late 2017.

Simother asls:

How did you look at older musicians when you started making music? Personally I find that not a lot has really changed when I got older. What is your experience of ageing and has that changed the way you now look at older musicians?

garythenotrashcougar asks:

The video for Once Around the Block was brilliant. Who came up with the idea for basing it on an obscure true story like that, and why?

Watch the video for Once Around the Block

SuzieBadgirl asks:

I met my husband on the D floor in Holy City Zoo [in Birmingham]. Is it true you met your wife there as well? God it was mint in there!

AnthonyParson14 asks:

After 20 years making music, how do you find the hunger and drive to stay innovative and fresh?

AnthonyParson14 asks:

Since you first established yourself the music industry has changed drastically and to remain sustainable is more and more difficult. Are there any positives in this change?