The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode four – live

Oh, KSI. No sentence spoken by a contestant in a technical challenge should begin with “Instead of doing what the recipe wants me to do …”. Kommon Sense Important.

Now I know why they seemed so familiar.

KSI seems confused by the measurements. 25cm is 9 inches, if that helps. Don’t ask how I know.

I do love how KSI is actually trying, though. Other YouTubers would have been tempted to have done deliberately badly just for the #content.

Considering last week they were given two of the four baked elements, this challenge feels tough.

Is it me or did they accidentally swap the challenges from a regular week of Bake Off with the Celebrity ones? Fearing them having to use the infamous fire pit in the Showstopper at this rate.

“Does anyone know what a lattice pie is?” asks Jade. “Lattice is when you want to burgle your ex and he might have a basket weaving wood and you climb that. That’s lattice,” responds an oddly specific Katherine.

Hello, daddy, hello, mum, I’m your ch-ch-ch-cherry lattice pie with custard!

I don’t know why I keep posting Drag Race memes this week, but here’s how it stands after the first challenge.

To be honest I would have just been tempted to have gone to the shops and have done a last minute swap.

Jade is the only one to have made some recognisably fancy fondants – though in an excruciating moment she thought she might be getting a handshake. If only she’d made a dense pumpkin cake.

“Wet?” asks Matt (the actress). “Soaking.” replies Stacey (the bishop).