The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2021: episode one – live

This judging has been generally rather scathing. Alexandra has a lovely crack though, so there’s always that.

‘Thin and over-worked.’ Like most of my exes by the time we break up.

I feel like Paul Hollywood will need a saw to cut through Rob’s ganache.

Update on Rob Beckett: “Mine looks like a cowpat.”

Update on Tom Allen: “God, I am so embarrassed I could die.”

Oh bless, Daisy has a soggy bottom. Happens to the best of us. Preparation is key.

Some suspect tossing of a whisk there from Daisy. Of course I noticed it. Elsewhere, Rob is musing that he “could be wrong” not to reheat his gay-nache. To confirm, he both *could be* and *is*.

Someone did this in one of my Bake Off auditions and spent the remainder of the time allotted woefully picking rice out of her pie grain by grain. I would’ve helped but I was busy charming the socks off the producers.

To be honest, once I attempted to blind bake a bakewell tart without realising that you are supposed to put a protective layer in between the ceramic balls and the pastry…

Across the tent, Rob announces that he is “putting the little ceramic balls on his cake”. It’s a tart, Rob – concentrate.

Tom also just called it a ‘gay-nache.’ That is how it is pronounced now. I don’t make the rules.

Ganache is basically what you have inside a plain truffle. It’s like a softer chocolate.

Not a runny chocolate soup, like Tom’s making by missing out more than half of the chocolate in the recipe (!!).

I love that everyone is laughing at Rob not knowing what a ganache is … I also do not know what a ganache is.

I missed this but it is BRILLIANT and VERY RELATABLE content.

I really like that they’re doing vegan baking. I’d love to see a contestant on a future season who interprets all the challenges in a vegan way. Perhaps in a year without a Dairy week though.

Rob Beckett not realising that there are actual instructions in a technical challenge. Did he have brain fog or have they not watched Bake Off before?

I’m still recovering from Prue’s aggressively gay jumper tbh. Or is it aggressively NHS? Or should we not get into that again?

The only reaction that matters was when Alan Carr was told that his bake was edible.

*HANDSHAKE KLAXON!* I don’t like it when Paul gives out handshakes after criticising a bake. It cheapens it. And yes, this is personal.

Just stumbled across this and felt it was the right time to reshare x