TV tonight: Behind the infamous McDonald’s Monopoly scam

9pm, Sky Documentaries

If you liked ITV’s Quiz, this six-part documentary on the multimillion dollar rigging of the McDonald’s Monopoly game in the early 1990s could be just your ticket. The story focuses on the mysterious character of “Uncle Jerry”, a cop turned security auditor who managed to rig the popular fast food sticker game for a decade, winning millions and recruiting a team of fraudsters across the US in the process. In tonight’s opening double bill, we see how the FBI received a tipoff, while a visit to a previous winner raises suspicions. Ammar Kalia

7pm, Sky Nature

As part of Sky’s new Nature channel, this series centres on the goings-on of Madagascar’s Berenty reserve and its ring-tailed lemurs. It’s no Gangs of London, but there are rivalries galore, from the leader, Crystal, facing off against Kati for primacy and their fight for food in the dry season. AK

7.30pm, BBC One

A charming ode to the Northern Soul scene following 18-year-old Anthony Flavin, who has been in care since the age of six and who is now hoping to become a Northern Soul DJ. Supported by his key worker, Luke, it’s a heartwarming look at his 60s-obsessed community of dancers and DJs. AK

9pm, Channel 4

While some may bristle at frontline workers being labelled “heroes” as though Covid-19 was a war rather than a pandemic, the stories contained in this documentary are all important ones. From supermarket workers to bus drivers, we meet the people for whom working from home isn’t an option. Hannah J Davies

9pm, BBC Four

This absorbing film goes beyond jokes about men in tights to explore the world of male ballet dancers, embedding with the Royal Ballet to see what drives its young hopefuls. If the focus is on perfection, the cluttered backstage spaces make the sculpted dancers seem relatable. Graeme Virtue

10pm, Alibi, Channel

A mismatched detective pairing is a much-used trope, but Eve Myles and Babou Ceesay bring it to life skilfully as DS Lola Franks and DI Jackson Mendy in this series. Their first job is to investigate a murder victim who has been finished off by a Bonnie and Clyde-style duo after an incident at a seedy club. Hannah Verdier

The Lady from Shanghai, 11.10am, Sony Movies Classic

A hybrid film noir from Orson Welles, who as well as directing, produced, wrote and stars as fall-guy Michael O’Hara. In true noir style he is seduced by a femme fatale (an astonishing Rita Hayworth) and framed for murder before embarking on a baroque, Caribbean-set nightmare. Paul Howlett