TV tonight: Cardinal returns in the bone-chilling depths of winter

Season four of the Canadian detective series picks up in the bone-chilling depths of winter as investigating duo Cardinal and Delorme are called in to work on the case of a missing person. This is their last case together, as Delorme awaits a transfer to Toronto, so the stakes are particularly high, not least because the missing person is the husband of a local politician whom the pair begin to realise may be the target of a revenge plot. The action is slow but steady, underpinned by Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse’s performances. Ammar Kalia

Scottish roads can be hazardous, but the Stevenson clan are ready 24/7 to help stranded motorists. This heartwarming film shadows the family as they deal with Highland callouts. Does their prized rig, Big Red, have what it takes to dislodge an 18-tonne snowplough? Graeme Virtue

The six remaining contestants are whisked back to the 80s, the era of legwarmers, shoulder pads and jacket sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Challenges include an “iconic” ladies’ power jacket, a metallic puffball skirt and something so fluorescent it will take an eyeball out. Ali Catterall

As TV schedules begin to show signs of quietening down, now is the time for ingenuity, a smattering of repeats and, er, an hour dedicated to Bradley Walsh. Jason Manford narrates this tribute to the actor, described, naturally, as a “must-watch for Bradley Walsh fans”. Hannah J Davies

With Britain’s death rate from Covid-19 one of the highest in the world, questions are being asked about how the UK government has handled the pandemic. Dispatches reporter Antony Barnett investigates the lead up to lockdown. AK

Daniel Mays and Stephen Graham’s patchy yet ultimately entertaining cop comedy comes to an end as the pair finally hone in on Mays’ killer and prepare for a mighty showdown. First, though, Graham decides to come clean about his feelings for Mays’ ex-wife at the worst moment. AK

Carmen Jones (Otto Preminger, 1954), 2.50pm, BBC Two
A vibrant reworking of Bizet’s opera, featuring an all-black cast. Dorothy Dandridge, as the faithless Carmen, gives a sexiness lesson to divas everywhere, while Harry Belafonte’s betrayed Joe/Don Jose suffers acutely. Director Otto Preminger developed a taste for musicals: he went on to make Porgy and Bess. Paul Howlett