Charlotte MLS president: Team to reveal name in June

The MLS expansion club in Charlotte will reveal its name in June, team president Tom Glick said.

Glick declined to specify an exact date in an interview published Friday by the Sports Business Journal.

“This is a very important moment in the formation of our new club for the city and for the region,” Glick said. “We’ve been monitoring and thinking about when the right time to introduce it would be. What’s clear to us right now is not only is there a hunger for the return of sport and watching sport, there’s a hunger and anticipation for this moment for this new club.”

Glick said advertising agencies have assisted Charlotte with the branding process.

“We think that we have arrived at something that people in Charlotte and the Carolinas will really take to,” he said.

Charlotte and Austin FC will become the league’s 27th and 28th teams beginning with the 2021 season. Clubs in Sacramento and St. Louis will join in 2022.

—Field Level Media